REDSPIRIT Women’s Motorcycle Riding Club stands on the foundation of community, motorcycling, positivity, responsibility, fundraising, mutual support, and sisterhood.

As an organization, we are conscious and caring for our families, our environment, and our communities. Our founding principles and values are based on Indigenous principles, but we favor no single race or ethnic group and membership is open to every ethnicity. The race we represent is the great Human Race, all humanity.

The foundation of this club is bringing together and unifying women in a larger collective voice and visibility to create opportunities for women to flourish, not just in motorcycling but in the world at large.


The main patch image was created by the leaders of REDRUM MC, as a sister club for women who were interested in being part of the REDRUM mission.

The profile view of a woman wearing a red and black 7 Star bandana is based on the Redrum Patch. It represents the Spirit of each of us, timeless, wearing the 4 colors of the medicine wheel, honoring the four stages of life and the four colors of mankind.

There are 7 stars for 7 generations.

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom, growth, transformation and ancestors. We carry our ancestors with us.

The eagle feather reminds us of our connection and communication to the Great Spirit and to speak truthfully.

The triangle earring represents Mauna Kea and the Kumu leader of the movement, who is also the Spiritual Grandmother of Redrum.

The Circle represents the entire planet and all those who share it with us. It reminds us that what we do in our lives, the energy, intentions, actions, words, and thoughts return to us. What goes around comes around.

Each of these symbols are a powerful representation of how to live. There is no one single description that could ever complete the teaching of what they mean, both individually to the person who wears them as teachings vary from culture to culture. All is respected.

Our 4-color butterfly sitting in the diamond is worn on the front right of our vest.

The diamond shape is a nod to the traditional motorcycle club life that is evolving to the 21st century where motorcycling has become mainstream and women ride their own bikes.

For some of us, a diamond is not a girl’s best friend, her motorcycle and her club are.

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